Price: $10.99 (1st part)/10.99 (2nd part)/16.99 (full version)
Length: 13 (1st part)/13 (2nd part)/24 minutes (full version)
Size: 203 (1st part)/207 (2nd part)/369 MB (full version)
Format: WMV
Resolution: 640×360 (all parts)
Model: Andrea
Description: Our Andrea returns home in the evening, tired and nervous… He thinks he’s seen somebody watching him from behind the curtains at the end of the hallway… He goes to verify: nobody’s there… Maybe he’s just very stressed… He enters the living room, lights a cigarette and checks some letters… Suddendly the light goes off and Andrea’s nightmare begins.
Welcome to the first horror special by PSM!

This video requires some special credits.
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Sound effects:
Visual effects (lights, color filters, etc.) created on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 (

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