11 May 2017

PSM looking for old FB clip

PSM has lost the original version of the below clip.
It is a short (8 minutes) scene from a 2012 event at Gate club, in Rome, where our model Lorenzo is tied up to our second chair, the Leather Saddle, and blindfolded.
As you can see, the copy we could find has very poor picture quality (240p).
Does anyone of our fans have or know where to get a better version?
Of course, we’re talking about a clip that has always been for free, publicly released on our Facebook page, so having downloaded it and keeping it for free doesn’t imply piracy.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

1 September 2016

Audition: Kevin

Kevin is totally unticklish…but he’s such a cutie, right? What do you think of his feet? Would you like him to star in a foot fetish flick?
If you want to watch the video without the subtitles to get a better look at his awesome and tender soles, click here to download the “clean” version of the clip.


18 July 2016

Audition: Andreas


19 June 2016

PSM stands with Orlando!


26 August 2014

Revival videos

In these days, we have republished three past clips, the first two originally moved to another store which was specifically created for more foot-oriented videos