27 April 2021

Her tickling method 4K

Buy this now on our Clips4Sale store (click here) or, with 30% off, by going to our Contacts page and writing us selecting “Customer Service” from the drop-down menu at the bottom!


28 March 2020

40% off during quarantine! (EXPIRED)

During these challenging times, it’s important to stay safe and take care of ourselves.
Our production is in Barcelona, Spain, and it has been affected, too, as we obviously can’t meet with our models and film new content.
Let’s take advantage of this to reconnect with passions and interests we might not have had the time to explore before and let’s indulge ourselves with private moments of fun.

26 September 2019

Permanent discount (up to 57% for Europe)

Our summer sale has just ended and it has been a huge commercial success. Fans and friends from all over the world wrote to us during the latest two months to take advantage of the generous promotion.
That is why PSM Tickling Network has decided to allow you all to purchase any clip in our store for 30% off, and this time the discount won’t have a deadline! This will be our new, permanent, price rule for the videos you’ll buy with us directly instead of the external Clips4Sale store.

25 September 2019

The first 60 fps 4K gay tickle clips in the world!

Our company now has a new cinema camera that’s capable of filming 12-bit RAW (uncompressed) footage in an extremely high definition and framerate.
What that means is we’ve just become the first fetish production in the world to release male tickle torture videos in Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160 pixels) at the mind-blowing speed and smoothness of 60 frames per second.

27 July 2019

Summer sale

Starting today and up to and including the midnight of 22 September (did you know? It’s the day before the autumnal equinox!), you can buy all the clips in our store for 40% off.
All you need to do is go to our contact form and select “Customer Service” in the drop-down list to tell us the clip(s) you’d like to buy. We’ll then send you a payment request – with the discount applied – that you’ll be able to satisfy with a number of methods of your choice (credit card, debit card, PayPal balance, etc.).

6 March 2016

Important announcement

Birthday cake
ENGLISH (Español abajo)
We’ve only received a few paid reservations for the tickle party of the 26th March.
Guys, we know you want more details and more guarantees, but this might be a dog chaising its own tail thing: without knowing how many of you will be there and what budget do we have, we just can’t predict what size the location needs to be or what instructions to give to its owners.

26 August 2014

Revival videos

In these days, we have republished three past clips, the first two originally moved to another store which was specifically created for more foot-oriented videos