6 March 2016

Important announcement

Birthday cake
ENGLISH (Español abajo)
We’ve only received a few paid reservations for the tickle party of the 26th March.
Guys, we know you want more details and more guarantees, but this might be a dog chaising its own tail thing: without knowing how many of you will be there and what budget do we have, we just can’t predict what size the location needs to be or what instructions to give to its owners.

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14 October 2015

Spain will have tickle events, too!

After almost two years studying the city and its places, PSM has finally found a field of action: this Sunday, October 18, from 7:13 PM to 2 AM, we’ll be finally bringing back our public tickle events!
The place to be is the bar Madame Jasmine, very close to the center of Barcelona.

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26 August 2014

Revival videos

In these days, we have republished three past clips, the first two originally moved to another store which was specifically created for more foot-oriented videos

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