POP – PSM Official Party

POP stands for PSM Official Party and it celebrates PSM’s birthday, which was on 23 March 2010.
That’s why every edition of the POP is organized on the saturday which is closest to that date, with the exception of the first edition of 5 August 2010.
POP’s are private parties that are usually held in a big apartment and that take the advantages of both a birthday party and a private, discreet, encounter: they’re laid back, cozy and a little silly, but you can still have the most intense tickle torture sessions of your life on our professional contraptions.
It’s a PSM event, so at least one bondage stand (generally more) is provided and there’s one tickle model who stays available all night for the house guests to make him laugh.
One of the peculiarities of the POP is the moment when the model gets tickled by the whole crowd: this often happens in the funniest and craziest way possibly imaginable.
Probably the most memorable of such moments was during the second POP, which was in Rome, on 24 March 2012. On that day, the bondage chair of the event, the Leather Saddle, with the model already restrained on it, was wrapped into an enormous present box that the guests were invited to tear up to their liking.

POP’s celebrated so far: