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  1. blank Rep says:

    I’d love to see the video of the guys from de 46 to 48 pictures. I hope one day it’ll come out.

    1. blank PSM says:

      Hi Rep,
      The video has been out for more than a year now: https://www.psmtickling.com/videos/psm-barcelona-erotic-show/.

    2. blank Tom says:

      is this video out? I would love to see the guy from 43-45 pictures

      1. blank PSM says:

        He appears briefly (he’s one of the 60-seconds scenes) here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/40960/17516798/psm-at-barcelona-erotic-show-hd .
        He’s completely unticklish (thus his session ending after one minute).

  2. blank A says:

    ¿Los chicos a los que les hacéis cosquillas en las plantas de los pies son heteros?

    1. blank PSM says:

      Fue un evento público al que cualquiera podía participar, como todos nuestros eventos.
      No preguntamos a la gente sobre su vida privada antes de elegir si pasar un rato con ella y divertirnos todos juntos! 😉

  3. blank Steve says:

    How many more clips do you need to sell before you start releasing more? I’ve been trying to help! I bought about 7 clips a week or two ago!

    1. blank PSM says:

      Hi, Steve. This is Matteo, director of PSM. Thanks for your help, but I’m afraid this is no issue that 7 more clips will solve. We’ve lost hundreds of customers and sales in the latest years. This month we’ve only sold 30 copies in the whole world. If the situation goes on, we’ll have to close. Unfortunately, we don’t need 7 more copies, we need at least 100 of them.
      What really offends me is to then go to Porn Hub and see one of our latest clips published there with 45.678 views. I’m afraid this is a moral matter and it involves us all as humanity.

  4. blank Ilo Mafe says:

    ¿Algún día saldrá a la venta el vídeo de este evento? Muero por comprarlo, en especial por los chicos de las fotos 46-48 y 55-56

    1. blank Alex says:

      Me encantan los de esas fotos también. Si alguien quiere probar en vivo mi kik es Barkero1

  5. blank Javigamer0506 says:

    Como se llama es maquina o mueble en donde le hacen cosquillas a la mujer de calcestas largas de color rojo
    Por favor como se llama es a máquina o mueble en donde le hacen cosquillas

    1. blank PSM says:

      Hola. Es nuestra Dark Siren (Sirena Oscura): https://www.psmtickling.com/about/#the_chairs.

  6. blank Maria says:

    Please publish the videos of these pictures soon! Especially the video of the guy in pictures 35-38! Him and his feet are so sexy!

    1. blank PSM says:

      Rafael (the boy’s name) is not only one of the sexiest, manliest and most ticklish guys we’ve ever met, he’s also given us the thumbs up to model for us in the future!
      His video will be the first one to be published very soon.

  7. blank Ogopogo says:

    Funny photos:) Good work
    Is the girl 16 (with punk rock look) photo is a friend of you?? she looks like a member of rock band.. maybe it’s her lol

    1. blank PSM says:

      Hi! No, we didn’t know the girl. She was a member of the audience at the fair.
      Very nice girl! 🙂

      1. blank ThePat says:

        I agrre nice girl, seem cool:)
        No pics to see if she was ticklish..?
        BTW nice job in this event guys!! Seem you had some good time and curious people who came to see you! 🙂

  8. blank David says:

    The ones where a girl is tickling leon are super hot, too bad we can’t see any foot torture

    1. blank PSM says:

      You will: the video, among the many others from this event, will be published soon! 😉

      1. blank Revai says:

        Pondreis tambien videos de cosquillas de los chicos a las chicas? Buen trabajo gente!

        1. blank PSM says:

          Como desde hace 7 años: negativo. Los heteros ya tienen sus productoras de cosquillas (también en España) y si no están satisfechos con el trabajo que estas hacen, en lugar de “heterosexualizar” las productoras gay, que contacten con las que están pensadas para ellos y les digan lo que les gustaría ver.

          1. blank Revai says:

            Ok me parece correcto. A mi en realidad me gusta todo pero especial mente chico-chica o chica-chico. Comprare los ultimos de tu web en este caso 😉

            1. blank PSM says:

              Pues, esto es sencillo: si un género vende, seguiremos ofreciéndolo. Estamos dispuestos a producir más vídeos con chicas haciendo cosquillas a chicos.

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