During these challenging times, it’s important to stay safe and take care of ourselves.
Our production is in Barcelona, Spain, and it has been affected, too, as we obviously can’t meet with our models and film new content.
Let’s take advantage of this to reconnect with passions and interests we might not have had the time to explore before and let’s indulge ourselves with private moments of fun.
That is why we’ve decided to activate a 40% discount on the whole store until further notice. That means that, until we’re back to our common lives, you’ll be able to buy any clip on our store with 40% off.
As for previous discounts, you just need to write to info@psmtickling.com and ask for any video(s) you want, and then satisfy the payment request we’ll send you to receive a download link, with all discretion guaranteed.
Finally, we remind you that, buying videos this way, European customers won’t pay for VAT, contrarily to what happens on Clips4Sale, so the discount will represent up to 67% off the original prices for them.

Once again, stay safe and see you all very soon!


2 replies on “40% discount during the quarantine!”

  1. Phantom says:

    When will you have carmen’s video available?

    Wish health for all.

    1. PSM says:

      We’re working on it right now!
      Sorry for the delay. We’ve had technical issues of compatibility between the file type of the videos we’ve filmed and the editing software we use and we’re working closely with external programmers to make sure everything is OK now.
      The video should be ready in a few days.

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