Our summer sale has just ended and it has been a huge commercial success. Fans and friends from all over the world wrote to us during the latest two months to take advantage of the generous promotion.
That is why PSM Tickling Network has decided to allow you all to purchase any clip in our store for 30% off, and this time the discount won’t have a deadline! This will be our new, permanent, price rule for the videos you’ll buy with us directly instead of the external Clips4Sale store.
Once again, all you need to do is go to our contact form and select “Customer Service” in the drop-down list to tell us the clip(s) you’d like to buy. We’ll then send you a payment request – with the discount applied – that you’ll be able to satisfy with a number of methods of your choice (credit card, debit card, PayPal balance, etc.).
Important: the request will be marked as being personally sent by our director Matteo (using his real surname and not the one featured in our online pages) and won’t have any erotic/sexy/fetish word in it. There is no way it could be linked back to our production company or website.
Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you a download link of the video(s) you chose.
We’ll always be able to reply in less than 10 hours, no matter your time zone.

UPDATE 18/02/20
Since the European customers of Clips4Sale will now pay VAT tax on their purchases, with the exact percentage depending on their country (from 17% of Luxembourg to 27% of Hungary, with most countries paying 20-21%) and since the email purchases described in this article don’t have VAT, our European customers will save up to a total 57% on the Clips4Sale prices if they write to us!


2 replies on “Permanent discount (up to 57% for Europe)”

  1. Francesco says:

    yesterday I regularly bought the 4k video, I would like to know if I can get the 30% discount, thanks

    1. PSM says:

      We’re sorry but we can’t compensate an already paid sale, not even partially.
      In the future, it would be better if you chose the more “professional” way to contact us (via our “Contacts” page), to be attended more quickly and efficiently. 😉

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