Hello, I’m Matteo, director of PSM Tickling Network.
As many of you have noticed, the buttons in our Videos section that led to checkout pages allowing you to buy our clips now lead to 404 error pages.
That’s because the WordPress plugin that allowed our online store to function, PayHip, banned us.
Since the very first moment (in fact, a few days later) we started to use their plugin, PayHip treated us with a very heavy and patriarchic and malodorous and moralistic ostracism, using every possible excuse.
They first banned our store preventing us to work in 2015. When we complained, they sent us an email saying they were sorry and explaining that one of their workers just saw the preview images to some of our clips and “assumed” (yes, you’ve read that right: that’s how professional they are) they were pornographic, and before asking for confirmation they just kicked us out (!). They promised it wouldn’t happen again.
Now, two years later, they’ve sent us the very SAME-worded email and we’re banned again.
It’s been several days now and they just refuse to reply to our many emails requesting an explanation.
I want to make one thing clear: as I speak (June 2017), PayHip doesn’t have ethical, moral or even legal limitations in their terms of service about the content sold via their plugin. They probably should, but they don’t.
When we talked to PayPal about this, they confirmed they have zero problems with our work, our content and our videos and that what we do does not go against PayPal’s terms of service.
This is what happens when people who have probably been brain-washed by religion and medieval morals run a (supposedly) multi-cultural business.
Stay away from this plugin if you love freedom of expression and respect all your sisters and brothers, fellow human beings.

Your truly,


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