23 June 2017

PayHip: a review

Hello, I’m Matteo, director of PSM Tickling Network.
As many of you have noticed, the buttons in our Videos section that led to checkout pages allowing you to buy our clips now lead to 404 error pages.
That’s because the WordPress plugin that allowed our online store to function, PayHip, banned us.

17 June 2017

Tumblr is forcing PSM to leave

PSM Tickling Network is struggling to publish its latest trailer to its Tumblr for all you guys to see and to have a safe space where to feel free to express itself, but for no apparent reason Tumblr keeps blocking and deleting the posts after a few seconds from each publication attempt saying they don’t condone “sexually explicit” content. The video at issue is a NON explicit clip with no nudity whatsoever. It is just about feet and tickling. We said so to Tumblr, but they keep censoring us refusing to reply to our emails.
We wanted to tell our fans, just in case you wonder why we’re forced to delete our page after only a few days.
The very same thing happened in 2014, when we first tried to open a Tumblr page. They deleted a video in our very first post, using the same wrong excuse.
Probably someone at Tumblr is a little homophobic or a little incompetent.