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Shout out to all bondage freaks!

What do you think is the sexiest and also the most effective way to have a ticklee at your mercy? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

BES: the individual clips

In these clips, you will be able to enjoy the whole version of several clips from the Barcelona Erotic Show 2016.

Gender and tickling?

How would you describe your gender and the one of your preferred ticklees? Is it important? Participate in the debate!

León tries the Dark Siren

For the first studio clip with the Dark Siren, León got all dolled up in his elegant suit and leather shoes just to get a proper, prolonged, tickle treatment.

What’s new in the re-edited Claudio’s clip?

Some of the sequences that have been reinserted are so original that they almost feel like a new clip with Claudio after so many years.

What clip format do you prefer?

What if PSM went back to its previous format, with videos divided into three parts (torso, feet and full version)?

Claudio t.t.S.L. (Extended Version)

Since 2011, Claudio tries the Sadistic Lady has sold 500 copies and counting.
Now, new footage has been found and the whole video has been re-edited!

Alejandro’s audition HD remaster

“Alejandro’s audition” has been remastered in HD: high quality light and colors, up to 1080p resolution and a renovated audio!

The best of the tickle events

Eight young men tickled during our public events: new HD remasters and never-before-seen NUDE scenes!

The best of the tickle chairs

Five hot torture videos for each of our five tickle chairs: new HD remasters and never-before-seen scenes!

Two more hot clips from YouTube!

More tickling challenges from sexy and young YouTubers!

PayHip: a review

Official statement from Matteo about the current situation of inability to sell our clips and the plugin that’s responsible for this, PayHip

Tumblr is forcing PSM to leave

Tumblr keeps blocking and deleting the videos PSM is struggling to publish!

Two big boys to play with

Carlos and Joaquín submit their armpits and feet to Matteo: watch how the Master plays with these two very ticklish young men like a cat with mice!

Tickle test on Spanish TV

Spanish TV shows wants to check if people are ticklish when tickled by strangers.