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Carlos is your idea of a gentle giant: almost 2 meters of manly hair and muscles for the most chill dude we’ve ever worked with until now.

Don’t let PSM die: fight piracy!

“It’s really frustrating to see that a clip that has sold 20 copies after 3 or 4 months is on with 8000 views.”

The sole eater

Carlos is sleeping in his underwear and his big, beefy, feet get the attention of a foot fetish ghost!

Tickling area @ SEB 2016

PSM’s tickling area at the Barcelona Erotic Show 2016: here are the photos from the 4-day event!

Poll: how do you want to get hot?

At the Barcelona Erotic Show, we gathered thirteen clips of the most varied male ticklish type: which would you like to see first?

Wanna work or what?

To get the job, a young model lets his future boss tickle the shit out of his feet!

Audition: Kevin

Kevin is totally unticklish…but what do you think of his awesome and tender soles?

Tickling area

From 6th to 9th October, we’ll be at the Barcelona Erotic Show with an exclusive area and a brand-new, never-before-seen, torture chair!

Audition: Pol

Ticklish punk Pol auditioned to be a model!

Audition: Carlos

Meet mediterranean hunk Carlos and his big manly feet!

Video: Tom Daley is extremely ticklish!

Tom Daley admits to having extremely ticklish armpits and feet!


Don’t let this boy’s young face and deep, penetrating eyes fool you.

Víctor’s feet and cock

A hot naked massage turns into an even hotter foot worship, while young, athletic Víctor plays with his cock!

Poll: are scripted videos better?

Do fetish/kinky productions need to pep up their videos with a plot?

Is tickling a “sexual” thing?

Most people want to be tickled by the opposite sex and there is a lot of tickle porn: is this sex or not?