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Audition: Felix

Rasta boy Felix has super ticklish pits and feet!

Audition: Luca

Here’s Luca and his big, manly and ticklish Italian feet!

About the new clip…

We’re once again offering you a chance to speak your mind and take advantage of our blog to feel closer to your favorite tickle producer.

PSM @ Barcelona Erotic Show

12 three-minute long scenes with the most diverse ticklish men and 5 one-minute long scenes with unticklish but handsome guys!


Carlos is your idea of a gentle giant: almost 2 meters of manly hair and muscles for the most chill dude we’ve ever worked with until now.

Don’t let PSM die: fight piracy!

“It’s really frustrating to see that a clip that has sold 20 copies after 3 or 4 months is on with 8000 views.”

The sole eater

Carlos is sleeping in his underwear and his big, beefy, feet get the attention of a foot fetish ghost!

Tickling area @ SEB 2016

PSM’s tickling area at the Barcelona Erotic Show 2016: here are the photos from the 4-day event!

Poll: how do you want to get hot?

At the Barcelona Erotic Show, we gathered thirteen clips of the most varied male ticklish type: which would you like to see first?


Naughty Adrián likes BDSM!

Wanna work or what?

To get the job, a young model lets his future boss tickle the shit out of his feet!

Audition: Kevin

Kevin is totally unticklish…but what do you think of his awesome and tender soles?

Audition: Pol

Ticklish punk Pol auditioned to be a model!

Audition: Carlos

Meet mediterranean hunk Carlos and his big manly feet!

Video: Tom Daley is extremely ticklish!

Tom Daley admits to having extremely ticklish armpits and feet!